WIki Page discrepancies

David T. sunfish62 at
Mon Jan 29 11:42:01 EST 2018


More on the two Git pages (“Git” and “An Introduction to Git”)(Thanks, Geert!).

I notice that “An Introduction to Git” says that there are 2 important branches: master and maint, whereas “Git” says that there are three: master, maint, and unstable, with the note that unstable only exists when a new major release is imminent. I will assume that the latter is more right (insofar as it goes into more technical detail about the git branching that the project uses), but should the Intro page be changed to be more in line with the main Git page? Something like this:

There are two primary branches in the GnuCash repositories:
   is the default branch in git. New features and their documentation should be based on this branch.
   is the second important branch. Bugfixes, translations, and improvements to the documentation should usually be applied on this branch.

A third branch, unstable will exist when a major release is imminent, but is used for beta releases.


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