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Christopher Lam christopher.lck at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 00:06:50 EDT 2018

Thanks; this is from an old version of eguile balsheet which is already
obsolete in 3.X onwards, and I know it'll be more difficult to fix as time
goes by. There are already changes from timepair to time64, compulsory CSS,
removal of slots access... There is no active eguile maintainer anymore,
and I really cannot understand eguile.

Would you be kind to comment upon the HTML output (File > Export > Export
Report) of the standard (non-eguile) balsheet, with desired amendments? I
can try to amend with backward compatibility.

For bonus points, if you have a sample datafile with accounts and
transactions that highlight the various functionality of balsheet (e.g.
income/expense, equity, any foreign currency conversions or stock purchases
- I'm sure the wife will have them in her textbooks) I'm sure I can fix the
standard balsheet to her standards!

So, wishlist:

   - datafile with example transactions
   - current html report of standard balsheet
   - annotated ideal report produced by standard balsheet :)

Let's keep this discussion public for external input too.


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Subject: The two modules
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Hope this helps.  As I mentioned in the list email, perhaps there is a
way to show the Trading Accounts if they are present and suppress if
they are not.

Also, I think it would be acceptable to have an Income/Expense Report on
a separate page but generated by the same module.  That would ensure
that the Profit/Loss line (or whatever folks want to call it) would be
the same for both reports.  But my wife was adamant that they are two
separate reports.

Thanks for the example as this is my first time seeing this language.
You might find that I took some shortcuts where it wasn't appropriate
for the long haul -- especially around the printing of the Profit/Loss
line.  I'm still now sure what the #t #f and a couple of the other
parameters actually do -- I just got the report to look right!


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