[GNC-dev] Transaction / Split Action List

Robert Fewell 14ubobit at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 07:58:45 EDT 2018

There have been some enquiries about customising this list so I thought I
would propose a possible solution that I may work.
At the moment the static lists are based on register type in
split-register.c and it looks to me there are two possible options.

1, Dynamicaly add to these lists based on past entries, probably there
would be an overhead do so.
2, Allow the lists to be customised in some sort of config file.

I think 2, is the better option and in the source it mentions about using a
config file so I was thinking along those lines to basicly do...

Create a new user key file probably in .config/gnucash called

On gnucash load, test for the file and if not present create it with the
default list content of split-register.c, I assume this would populate the
file with the translated entries.

A section name would then have list keys for the entries, something like...

[Action List]

Change gnc_split_register_config_action to read the key file content to
populate the appropriate list.

A missing register key would get a list of one entry with "Empty".

This would allow the users, once the file is created to add or remove
entries as required.

Any thoughts, wrong approach ?

This would probably be a master project.


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