Unstable Imap Editor

Robert Fewell 14ubobit at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 12:33:54 EDT 2018

It was mentioned some where it was slow to load so thought I would have a

Dropping the GtkTreeModel has improved that but that has highlighted a
couple of problems so far...

1st, when retrieving 'import-map-bays', the list consists of the number of
tokens squared like this...
 imported 1 transaction which results in 3 tokens and 1 transaction which
results in 2 tokens in the file which then leads to 25 entries in the

So for the above the list coming back from
'gnc_account_imap_get_info_bayes' is 25 entries.

2nd, when retrieving 'import-map', the list is empty despite having this

  <act:description>Checking Account</act:description>
      <slot:value type="frame">
          <slot:value type="frame">
              <slot:key>'MY HEALTH</slot:key>

It seems that in account.cpp line 5642 which is..

    if (qof_instance_has_slot (QOF_INSTANCE(acc), category_head))

is returning false despite category_head being 'import-map/desc'

Hopefully I will get it sorted and create a PR for it.


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