Feedback about 2.7.8

Alen Siljak alen.siljak at
Wed Mar 28 09:54:07 EDT 2018

> Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 3:46 PM
> From: "Christoph R" <subscriptions+listen at>
> To: gnucash-devel <gnucash-devel at>
> Subject: Feedback about 2.7.8
> But I can change the description of a reconciled split without a warning. I need to file a bug report on that.

Chris, I'm just wondering - why would a change of description require re-reconciliation? 
Somehow, I'd expect that the date and amount are the relevant fields. The description is something for me (the user) to add notes about the transaction and is basically irrelevant for anyone else, therefore not requiring re-reconciliation with another account statement (i.e. bank or credit card statement). Just wondering what your case is.



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