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Wed Mar 28 16:06:38 EDT 2018


I just noticed in the sample file linked in the FAQ that the following rules are repeated at the top and bottom of the file:

/* Change font color by mixing with grey */
.lighter-grey-mix {
color: mix (currentColor, grey, 0.8);
.darker-grey-mix {
color: mix (currentColor, grey, 0.2);

If someone didn’t see the bottom rules and only changed the top versions, they wouldn’t see any change in the interface.

Is there a class/id list for the GnuCash UI so we can know what’s available to style? Or are those listed in the sample file the only ones available? (I’m also assuming other properties can be set, for example font-size in addition to color, etc. or is this not possible?)


> On Mar 28, 2018, at 10:24 AM, Geert Janssens <geert.gnucash at> wrote:
> Op woensdag 28 maart 2018 15:46:26 CEST schreef Christoph R:
>> Hi,
>> since 2.7.8 is deemed a release candidate I am giving it a try on MacOS High
>> Sierra.
>> here is my feedback so far:
> Thanks for your feedback.
>> It choked on one of my files, which worked fine with 2.6 and was probably
>> created with 2.4 or even earlier.  There was an out-of range date in the
>> price database which I corrected manually. But normal users would have been
>> lost.
> What was the date set to before you corrected it ? And how does it display in 
> gnucash 2.6 if you look at that particular price in the Price editor ?
>> adding “EXTRA_ARGS=--nofile” to Library/Application\
>> Support/Gnucash/gnucashrc does not have any effect any more.
> I never heard of a gnucashrc file. Perhaps that is/was an OS X/Quarz specific 
> extension ? The loading code on OS X has been aligned with Windows and Linux 
> in this development cycle, so perhaps it got lost in that work.
>> Normal
>> accounting with aqbanking and trading accounts seems to work fine. My
>> reports are fine.
> Nice :)
>> Finally I can change unreconciled splits in a transaction
>> with reconciled splits again.
> Yay!
>> Changing account or value of a reconciled
>> split gives me the correct warning as needed. Yeah! But I can change the
>> description of a reconciled split without a warning.
> Hmm, a split doesn't have a description, only a memo. Do you mean you get no 
> warning when changing the memo ? Or do you mean you can change the transaction 
> description of a transaction that has reconciled splits ?
>> I need to file a bug
>> report on that.
>> Fonts and icons are different - due to gtk3 - and not
>> necessarily to my liking. I had customised .gtkrc-2.0.gnucash a bit and of
>> course this does not work any more. Unfortunately I did not figure out how
>> to customise gtk3 on MacOS. Any help would be appreciated
> I have updated the relevant FAQ entry:
>> Besides the nitpicks above it looks pretty good. Thanks for all the good
>> work!
> Thanks! I'm happy the overall result is satisfactory as the gtk update was 
> unplanned and pretty late in the development cycle.
> Geert
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