Feedback about 2.7.8

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Thu Mar 29 03:50:42 EDT 2018

Op donderdag 29 maart 2018 00:53:34 CEST schreef David Carlson:
> Neither of those sample .css file addresses Adreien's question
> " Is there a class/id list for the GnuCash UI so we can know what’s
> available to style? Or are those listed in the sample file the only ones
> available? (I’m also assuming other properties can be set, for example
> font-size in addition to color, etc. or is this not possible?)
> "
> David C

There is not and it would be way too long to make a complete list. Every 
single widget in the whole gui can be addressed in css, some via classes 
others via widget hierarchies.

You can however use the GtkInspector tool [1] to discover the widget hierarchy 
and write css rules based on that. You can even interactively experiment with 
it. Note this is an advanced gtk feature so the learning curve may be fairly 



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