Feedback about 2.7.8

Alen Siljak alen.siljak at
Thu Mar 29 04:00:25 EDT 2018

A few questions/suggestions:

- captcha
Captcha on wiki reports that the v1 is to be deprecated soon.

- gtk3 page. 
I've created a Wiki entry for GTK3 with the main idea being sharing tips about customization - This is also related to the issue Having a sample of a customizes CSS file would be a valid workaround. My main goal is to get the adawaita dark theme on Windows machine.
Let's add any tips, findings, including links to valid .css theme configurations (which could be elsewhere, i.e. gist; there are also whole sites dedicated to gtk3 themes so I'm gonna try to copy adawaita dark css directly).

- list of ids
David is correct, pointing to the important question raised by Adrien. However, I'd think that the sample GnuCash css files would answer that, at least partly. I'll write down my findings into the wiki page as I'm darkening the UI.

- variables
And, related to the above, I'm wondering why are there @ variables in the GnuCash css files. Is this .scss or are they replaced elsewhere? I've seen [this]( even though I've never used it.

To answer a part of Adrien's question - see the gtk overview (, the first code entry, example 7. It sets the font to Comic Sans and paints it pink. 
I've created the gtk-3.0.css file in C:\Users\siljak\AppData\Roaming\GnuCash, added the example 7:

button, entry {
  color: #ff00ea;
  font: 12px "Comic Sans";

and the entries in the account list header and footer became pink. The font setting did not work but at least there are some signs of life! :)


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> Neither of those sample .css file addresses Adreien's question
> " Is there a class/id list for the GnuCash UI so we can know what’s
> available to style? Or are those listed in the sample file the only ones
> available? (I’m also assuming other properties can be set, for example
> font-size in addition to color, etc. or is this not possible?)
> "

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