cmake error re libgnomecanvas-2.0

Chris Good goodchris96 at
Fri Mar 30 22:08:03 EDT 2018



I'm trying to build gnucash maint in Ubuntu 16.04 to verify some additional
tips of the day I wish to add.

First of all, should I be doing this in maint?


I see that in maint the file to change is doc/

but in master it is doc/tip_of_the_day.list.c

so I guess that means maint cannot be automatically merged to unstable then




I found in order for cmake to work, I also needed to install:





Should I add the above 3 to the wiki?

Should I say they are only needed to build maint or 2.6.* ? (I haven't tried
to build unstable or master yet)


Regards, Chris Good


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