[GNC-dev] pricedb policy

Christopher Lam christopher.lck at gmail.com
Sun May 13 06:34:21 EDT 2018

Hi Devs

I wish to enquire about policy on pricedb.

As far as I can understand, pricedb receives entries from 3 different

1. from entering transactions into the register, if the transaction
involves a foreign currency conversion or stock. e.g. originating account
is GBP, target currency is USD --> creates a pricedb entry GBP/USD. (can't
determine which one is deemed to be the base currency). These pricedb
entries are tagged "user:price" or "user:xfer-dialog".

2. from online sources eg alphavantage. This requires careful setup, and
seems to create price entries for all foreign currencies / commodities,
compared to the book currency (in my case AUD). These are tagged

3. entries added by the user. These are tagged "user:price-editor".

>From my review of code so far, pricedb entries are rather important in
reports... an incorrect pricedb entry will lead to incorrect foreign
currency reporting, even if the transaction contains the exact transfer

My concerns relate to (1) above. I believe these transactional prices are
always more accurate than online quotes, because they describe the exact
prices achieved.

But it's buggy, e.g. if there are 2 transactions involving GBP/USD on the
same day, the second entered price will overwrite the first. (<- according
to my last test)

I'd think it would be important for accuracy that, upon book opening, and
Check&Repair, the user:price data should be *overwritten* by the actual
prices obtained from the transactions. Moreover if there are several
transactions involving commodities, Check&Repair should **add** relevant
amounts to ensure accurate pricing.

01/01/2018 Transfer 100 GBP to 150 USD (generates pricing 1.5 USD/GBP)
01/01/2018 Transfer 100 GBP to 152 USD (generates pricing 1.52 USD/GBP)

should generate a price for "200 GBP to 302 USD -> pricing 1.51 USD/GBP)

Unfortunately I don't do C so cannot help with coding, but would think that*
the "user:price" prices should *always* be regenerated from the transaction
amounts during Check & Repair and upon loading datafile.*


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