[GNC-dev] L12N; was: Bugzilla Migration Status -- phase 2

Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at gmail.com
Tue May 15 17:19:49 EDT 2018

Am 15.05.2018 um 20:35 schrieb Derek Atkins:

> I have not found a parameter to set this.  I wonder if this is in a
> template somewhere?  And if so, I wonder if it's different in a different
> localization.  For example, does Frank see BZ in German?  Or is it in
> English for everyone?

At gnome I have the following L12N choices:
 Language used in email:
  Site default (en)
 Timezone used to display dates and times:
  Site default (Same as the server)
  <Full TZ list>
at bugzilla.gnucash.org/bugzilla/ it is the same.

Language packages are separatly shipped third-party contributions. See
Localized Versions at https://www.bugzilla.org/download/.
I am not sure, if it would make sense to install them. It might lower
the threshold. OTOH we might then get reports in all installed
languages. So I would restrict them to languages of native speakers in
the team.


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