[GNC-dev] New bugs still okay to file? - status of migration

Derek Atkins derek at ihtfp.com
Wed May 16 16:50:50 EDT 2018


On Wed, May 16, 2018 4:30 pm, Adrien Monteleone wrote:
> Derek,
> Would it be better to wait to file any new bugs at the moment?

No.  Gnome BZ is still live.  Feel free to add/comment/upload etc.  I am
downloading the current state, for further testing, but will be able to
get "diffs" going forward.

> I have some to file, but they are not critical, so they can wait, but if
> it’s no issue I’ll put them in now. I just don’t want to forget about
> them.

Go ahead and put them into Gnome BZ now.

I will make an announcement when we (want to) make Gnome BZ read-only and
migrate over to our own instance.  until then, continue using Gnome-BZ as
usual.  Don't worry about me and my migration testing. :)

> Regards,
> Adrien


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