[GNC-dev] Windows Builds

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Thu May 17 12:45:15 EDT 2018

Op donderdag 17 mei 2018 17:44:52 CEST schreef Robert Fewell:
> I was looking at Bug 796083 and after some testing on Linux realised that
> my reconcile sort fix may of fixed this.
> Booted into Windows 10 and downloaded the nightly build
> gnucash-3.1-2018-05-16-git-3.1-59-g5f5ad968f+.setup.exe and indeed it was
> fixed. Just to make sure I also downloaded the latest release
> build gnucash-3.1-3.setup.exe but noticed that the sort order of the
> reconcile dialog was different, no default sort.
> The nightly shows in the about box version Build ID: git 3.1-59-g5f5ad968f+
> (2018-05-15) and is 97Meg
> The release shows in the about box version Build ID: 3.0-118-gd2ef5fd0f+
> (2018-04-28) and is 91Meg
> Any ideas why ?
The release 3.1-3 is generated from the 3.1 tag which dates from 2018-04-28 
(as the Build ID shows). Even if it was only re-released a couple of days ago. 
The "-3" indicates fixes in packaging (so changes in either gnucash-on-windows 
or corrections directly made on the build server).

Your reconcile fixes on the other hand were added to the maint branch after 
the 3.1 release commit was tagged. So they will never be in any 3.1 release.

In case you're wondering why the release's build ID starts with "3.0" instead 
of "3.1", that is because John forgot to tag the build before kicking of the 
release procedure.

> I was going to ask the reporter to try a later version, I think I will
> specify the nightly, don't want another bug saying there is no default sort
> order !!

Yes, the latest nightly is the right one to point at (which I saw you did).


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