[GNC-dev] BZ: What to do about circular deps ?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon May 21 11:42:30 EDT 2018

"Derek Atkins" <derek at ihtfp.com> writes:

> 106749 is marked a dupe_of 350675
> 350675 is marked a dupe of 570011
> 570011 blocks 570012
> 580012 is marked a dupe of 350675
> So 570011 is still open, so theoretically it should be "okay" and be in
> there "last".  Maybe I need to swap the blocks vs depends_on?  I'm not
> sure why I picked one vs. the other.

For the record, swapping the blocks/depends_on fields did the trick for
this issue.  I had been deleting the depends_on and keeping the blocked
list.  Now I delete the blocked list and keep the depends_on list.
Internally BZ modifies both sides, but I needed to ensure I can't get
into a loop like the above.  Once swapped, no more loops appeared.

Also for the record, it's VERY annoying that the json API output changes
field names, such that you cannot directly push it into the create APIs.
You need to change a bunch of field names (and in some cases then change
them back!!).   Very annoying to get right.

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