[GNC-dev] BZ: Currently Ignored Fields

Derek Atkins derek at ihtfp.com
Mon May 21 16:12:03 EDT 2018


I've been working with John today iterating over the BZ Migration.

At this point I think we've got the Status, Resolution, and Work Flow
worked out.  I've removed field values that do not apply to us, and I've
added the Gnome field values that we actually use.

I think what's left, at this point, is dealing with some additional data
that I currently toss out during the migration/import.   At least one of
these is a Gnome-BZ extension, but we should decide what, if anything, we
want to do about these:

  I set the "version" to "3.0" -- I'm not sure exactly what that means or
what effect that has.

Product Components:
  I'm deleting the sort_key and flag_types fields I downloaded from GnomeBZ

In Bugs I'm deleting:

In Bug Comments I'm deleting:
  author (not sure the difference between this and the creator/"who")
  time (not sure the difference between this and bug_when/creation_time)

In Bug History:
  I'm not sure if "groups" == "bug_group"
  Because the two cf_gnome_* fields don't exist, I have to change those
     in bug history.
  attachments.gnome_attachment_status does not exist, so I have to change
     that, too, in the history.

In Bug Attachments, I'm deleting:

I suspect there is a lot of data hidden in the various "flags" elements
that I'm just deleting during the import.  I know for sure that the
gnome_attachment_status data is not getting imported, but I don't know
where it can be found exactly.  There are 507 bugs that use this field.

I also don't know if I'm properly handling comments on attachments.  C.f.
Bug #630652 for an example.


PS: These field names are a combination of JSON fields obtained from the
JSON API, and the Perl/DB fields.

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