[GNC-dev] Import Documentation

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Fri Sep 7 19:53:36 EDT 2018


 I recently made some changes to the import matcher to allow multiple
selection of rows and assign a destination account to, all rows in the

I wanted to document this in the DOcs but could not find any documentation
on the Importing of files at all, either in the Help Manual or the Turoial
and Concepts guide.

The Help manual selection on Transactions has a number of stubs for online
importing. I would propose a similar section on  which addressed either
before or after the stub on online importing:
Importing from Files
   Importing from OFX/QFX
   Importing from QIF
   Importing from CSV

Is anyone currently working on documentation of impoorting from files?  If
so I am happy to contribute changes as above.

If not I would be willing to have a go at a first pass at producing some

Is my choice of location sensible and consistent  with the overall
documentation objectives?


David Cousens
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