[GNC-dev] Long Term Documentation Directions

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Mon Sep 10 04:11:11 EDT 2018


As well as Frank's objections to rewriting, why does having one massive file
necessarily improve the structure or maintainability. This is not the case
with programming code. Docbook can include files in a far more structured
manner than the gnucash xml sources do at the moment. I would have thought
more modularization of the documentaion and some restructuring would improve
the maintainability.

I think there is perhaps more need for the tutorial approach - "How to do
this with Gnucash", particularly for newer users ,than  for  interface
button by button functional type documentation and the latter is more useful
when users have gained some experience and just want specific information on
what happens when they select a particular button or menu option.

My not particularly deep understanding of docbook  is the more the
documentation is broken down with separate headings the more searchable it
becomes and the more easily specific information can be located by using a
search. The tutorial sections tend to be more narrative/recipe like in their
construction but by crossreferencing into a functional interface description
a user can access the information when they need it and bypass it if it is
not clear what is meant.

David Cousens 

David Cousens
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