[GNC-dev] Long Term Documentation Directions

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Mon Sep 10 09:39:41 EDT 2018

Op maandag 10 september 2018 15:26:19 CEST schreef David Cousens:
> Geert,
> Is there not perhaps a way to leverage Google translate as a first pass to
> translate text. The result may not be colloquial and produce some
> interesting results. I have used it for Russian to English translations and
> it doesn't do too bad a job.
> https://translate.google.com/toolkit/docupload?hl=en
> David

Pootle integrates this. It could indeed be one way to jump start translations. 
The technical challenges would be
- decide when to run google translate. That is how do we distinguish between 
accurate real-translator-generated translations and translations that would 
benefit from a google automatic translation. And the granularity can't be 
language. It needs to be evaluated for each and every translatable chunk (a 
paragraph? a chapter? Depends on how we decide to subdivide translatable 
- how clever is google translate to leave metadata/markup untouched ?
- how to automate this ?


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