[GNC-dev] merging failing tests

Carsten Rinke carsten.rinke at gmx.de
Mon Sep 10 15:57:01 EDT 2018

Thanks for all your comments.

@John, Geert:
Thanks for bringing the expectations to the point that unit tests as 
such and especially on master/maint always must pass.
I also get the point that further refinement of the test results by 
utilitzing the verdicts "xpass" and "xfail" is not desired. I have taken 
these out now (in #391, #404 to come).

Regarding: "disingenuous" - I needed to look it up.
Seems to be a very strong word of disappointment. My apologies for 
provoking this reaction. That was absolutely not my intention. Using 
#391 is just more appropriate as it already includes changes which I did 
not have a chance yet to put them to #404. That is why talking about 
#391 - that has the same problem as #404 - seemed more meaningful to me.

In General:
 From the pure fact that code is not used it is very hard for me to 
judge if the code is not needed.
I can only see that a feature is already there, and conclude from this, 
that at some point it was agreed to be there. If it is not working, it 
should be fixed.
And of course I see the point that the effort to fix bugs that have not 
been complaint about should be balanced. In this special case the items 
can be fixed in reasonable short time.
By that is is okay for me, if these findings will never end up in 
master/maint. Getting to know the code and getting to know your 
expectations about proper testing (and getting some more historical 
lessons about GnuCash) is already a great gain.


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