[GNC-dev] Long Term Documentation Directions

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Mon Sep 10 22:13:50 EDT 2018


No, my mistake in thinking it was in yelp Geert. I was looking into 
something else at the time and just noticed that the context Help did not
come up in passing yesterday.  Imentioned it in the post last night without
having checked it out fully. My apologies for that. When it happened I had
about 10 pages open and a lot of documentation I was scanning through

The behavior is however a bit strange. If I restart GnuCash then do
Business->Vendor->New Bill then click the Help on the dialog, no help Window
opens. If I then close the dialog and open the Help->Contents to display the
help window, leaving it open,  then go through the sequence
Business->Vendor->New Bill and click the help button again the information
on Invoices is displayed in the open help window. Close the help window then
press the Help button on the dialog again and nothing happens again. I get
the same behavior with the Help from the menu in the Reconcile window and
the New Invoice, Close Book dialog etc.

It appears that there has to be a help window already open and then the
context snesitive page can be displayed in that window, but the Help button
in the dialog cannot initiate opening the Help Window on its own. This may
be the designed behavvior and if so it just needs to be documented but it
would be nice to have context help come up whether you have a help window
open or not. I don't normally notice it because I usually use the online
Help and Tutorial.. in a browser window. 

I am currently running a build from my local copy of the Github master. I
haven't made any changes since getting a clean copy of the master into my PR
and then cloning it to my PC and rebuilding it. I can pull down the tarball
for the release version of 3.2 build it and check it as well. Linux MInt 19


David Cousens
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