[GNC-dev] Long Term Documentation Directions

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Tue Sep 11 21:48:53 EDT 2018


Point taken. I rarely use the yelp viewer from inside Gnucash at all and
mainly use the online HTML documentation.  It could be to separate context
sensitive help into it's own structureis one way to go. I would have thought
for the more tutorial aspects currently in the guide it would also be useful
to link to widget specific information  e.g. a reference to a specific
button as a link to the button description and not have to include what the
button does. .

I think the current documentation processing for docbook xml takes care of
that by editing out features that are not supported in a particular format
using the xsl files or converting to the appropriate format. PDF and HTML
both have the capacity to construct internal and external links.
https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/link-html-pdf-page-acrobat.html suggests
it is possible to link to specific points in a pdf.

I think Geert's point about  someone imposing quality control and some sort
of editorial policy is quite valid.

David Cousens

David Cousens
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