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Wed Sep 12 11:10:36 EDT 2018

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Am 12.09.18 um 12:59 schrieb David Cousens:
> Mechtilde,
> I wasn't suggesting we use google translate at all where there is a human translator available and willing, but in some
> languages it may be difficult to get a translator, even though there may be users. I admit German would be problematical
> because of the compound word structure and some of the differences in sentence structure from English so google
> translate might not do too good a job there. There are also  usually many differences between formal language and the
> more colloquial usage. I wasn't really thinking of something complex like the Tutorial and Concepts guide but more the
> single line descrition of buttons etc in the interface.

It is more complicate to translate a "single line description" or a
button in an interface than a log description of a function.

The different between an American accounting and a German accounting is
more than a translation of words or sentence. You have to look how is
the naming in the different culture of doing accounting.

E.g "bill" and "invoices" is named "Rechnung" and visa verse "Expense"
is named "Audgabe" or "Aufwand" which are two different things in German

This is important for Business accounting.

Kind regards

> David
>  Tue, 2018-09-11 at 19:45 +0200, Mechtilde wrote:
>> Hello David,
>> Am 10.09.18 um 15:26 schrieb David Cousens:
>>> Geert,
>>> Is there not perhaps a way to leverage Google translate as a first pass to
>>> translate text. The result may not be colloquial and produce some
>>> interesting results. I have used it for Russian to English translations and
>>> it doesn't do too bad a job.
>>> https://translate.google.com/toolkit/docupload?hl=en
>> Please, NO. NO automatic translation of something like Tutorial and
>> Concepts of GnuCash.
>> You need human fuzzy logic to understand the American Accounting Meaning
>> and the analog Meaning in the native language.
>> For my German translation experince sometimes you have two word in
>> English and one in German or vice versa. I think that there are simalar
>> problems in the other languages.
>>> David
>> Kind regards

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