[GNC-dev] New Account Hierarchy Setup Assistant Questions

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what is the problem of a program to have functions than you use.

If you look into the German translation i use all functions that are
translated and some few more which have up to now no ducumentation and I
have no time to do it.

So we should first document functions wehre the documentation is
missing. There is enough work to do.

In my opinion you should know how accounting works if you start an
accounting programm like GnuCash.

Sorry for my pour English. I can't write all thoughts why I disagree to
slim the start assistant or such things. We need such a programm also
for business use.

I hope somtimes I can finish esp. the translation of the lasst chapters
but I'm not willing to do a new translation as a whole. that is waste of
time and motivation.

Am 12.09.18 um 17:33 schrieb Adrien Monteleone:
> As someone who has helped other people get started using GnuCash (and remembering my own first steps) I agree completely with these points. Those book preferences are not self explanatory. (perhaps bugs in their own right) A new user is left to either trust the defaults and move on, pause and revisit the startup process several times while they track down help info and digest it, or give up in frustration. (I’ve seen the latter three times—you may or not be surprised how many people do *not* want to read a book before they start using a piece of software, I chose the second option personally)

> Unless the startup assistant (wizard, druid, whatever) can be redesigned as an explanatory walk through to choose these settings, that part should be removed and the defaults chosen for the user.

We can improve some concrete parts of the assistant but in general I
thinkthat gives all information a user need to start.
> As for trading accounts, I turned them on after the fact for tracking commodities as additional currencies. I’ve never bought or sold any since doing that, but I’ve played with turning the setting on and off to experiment with the setting’s effect on some reports and I’ve never noticed any issues. (but again, I only have opening balance transactions in each currency) If turning Trading Accounts off after entering buy/sell transactions is bad news, then I would think the option to do so should be disabled.

many people using GnuCash needs Trading Accounts. If you don't need it
then you have no obligation to use it. But other people must have toe
possibility to use it.

Kind regards
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