[GNC-dev] README Overview; was: Gnome HIG

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Sun Sep 16 12:55:15 EDT 2018

Op zaterdag 15 september 2018 19:31:26 CEST schreef David T. via gnucash-
> And if we’re going there, the main project includes numerous README files in
> gnucash/doc, all of which need similar treatment. README files for WIN32,
> HCBI and OFX should IMHO be removed altogether in favor of other venues
> (didn’t HBCI get replaced by FinTS in, like, 2002?).

The Windows README files are a special case, they serve as introductory text 
in the Windows installer. So they can't be removed. But perhaps we can move 
them to the gnucash-on-windows repository. I'd have to check where the 
installer code expects them and whether we can change this.

As for HBCI I think it's still called like that in Germany. But Frank will 
have to confirm this. What other venues do you suggest for HBCI and OFX ?

And as you're finding issues faster than we can fix them, please file a bug 
report. It will get lost here on the list archives.


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