[GNC-dev] Git Questions With Documentation

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Tue Sep 18 07:56:52 EDT 2018

Op dinsdag 18 september 2018 10:36:14 CEST schreef David Cousens:
> David,
> It was the master branch which was 139 commits behind. I looked at the maint
> branch and noticed it was up to date.
> I have tried forking your repository but as I already had a fork of the main
> gnucash-docs repository github wasn't letting me fork your repository
> separately. It basically told me I already had that repository so no go. I
> could delete my copy of the main Gnucash repository and maybe then it would
> let me do it.
Indeed it appears github will only allow one fork of a repo.

> One other way to do it may be to create the bug branch for the doc update
> in the main Gnucash repository if John and Geert are willing to do that.
I prefer not to and I don't really see the need. There are other ways to 

There is not really anything special about the Gnucash/gnucash-docs repo. What 
you can do there, you can equally do with your personal forks.

And for that you even don't need to fork David T's repo. You can still pull 
requests against it from your current Gnucash/gnucash-docs fork. You would do 
so like any other pull request. The difference is that instead of going with 
the defaults proposed by github, you change the target repo to David T's repo 

You can publish your changes to your own fork and David T. can look at them 
there. Or you create PR's and then David T. can review them as part of his 

Yet another method could be that one of you adds the other as collaborator to 
your personal fork. In that case both of you can work directly on the same 

Regardless of the chosen route, be aware this will require more than basic 
understanding of how git works. You'll now be on the pulling end of a pull 
request, which means git's merge mechanics need to be understood.



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