[GNC-dev] Gnucash and the UK's "Making Tax Digital" initiative

Christopher Lam christopher.lck at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 23:29:20 EDT 2019

I have it in my near todo.txt to add export-json from
income-gst-statement.scm which calculates net & VAT amounts.

I will *not* be writing bridging software.

If anyone can find the exact json format expected for HMRC I'll get it done.

On Fri, 5 Apr 2019 at 05:32, Mike Evans <mikee at saxicola.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello all.
> After a hiatus I have successfully interacted with the HMRC API for a test
> account to post earning & expenses using python.  None of it is joined up
> yet to: create|query a business, post and query data about that business
> but my "tests" appear to work as individual pieces.
> I haven't yet queried GnuCash for the data either but I can confirm that
> the HMRC API works for submitting self employed account data.  I've not
> looked at the VAT part, because I'm not VAT registered, so...
> A minimal json data set for a self-employed quarterly submission looks
> like:
>  json_data = {
>         "from": "2017-04-06",
>         "to": "2017-07-04",
>         "incomes": {
>         "turnover": {
>           "amount": 100.25
>         },
>         "other": {
>           "amount": 100.25
>         }
>         },
>         "consolidatedExpenses": 100.25
>         }
> and that's it.  That's the example data from:
> https://developer.service.hmrc.gov.uk/api-documentation/docs/api/service/self-assessment-api/2.0#selfemployment-business_create-a-selfemployment-periodic-update_post_accordion
> Doing a query on the same period returns:
> {u'to': u'2017-07-04', u'consolidatedExpenses': 100.25, u'from':
> u'2017-04-06', u'incomes': {u'other': {u'amount': 100.25}, u'turnover':
> {u'amount': 100.25}}}
> You can of course provide detailed account data but I never have in past
> submissions.  These data should be easy to pull out of GnuCash with the
> (probably augmented) Python bindings to satisfy HMRC each quarter. I guess
> this could be incorporated into GnuCash as a C++ module at some point but
> I'll leave that that others more committed. Lest I be committed.
> I'll stick the code on GitHub in a while.  It's very much just code to
> test the connection with a some test POSTs and GETs.  I have lots of
> cleaning up and comments to add before it's publicly viewable. Tomorrow
> maybe.
> I'm still thinking how to keep the secret, even though HMRC have
> apparently relaxed that requirement. Ideas welcome on that, maybe a json
> request from gnucash.org, I know the request code will still be public
> however, that's the part that needs more_thought&more_input.
> Python because it's easy to do quick tests, Sorry Derek. :)
> Mike E
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