[GNC-dev] Bug796872 Multiple selection feature in import matcher

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Thu Apr 25 18:52:02 EDT 2019

Hi John,

I noticed from Jeff Albrecht's post in the User forum  yesterday that the
mods to the import-main-matcher to implement  assignment of a transfer
account to multiple transaction(-feature request Bug 796872) didn't make it
into v3.5 although the corresponding documentation changes are now in the
current document set. I originally made those changes in the master branch
rather than the maint branch as it was a new feature. Would it have been
better to put it into the maint branch and is it it possible to shift it
from master to maint so it goes in for 3.6? I copied the 2 files changed
into a 3.5 downloaded source and it still builds and works fine but it is
throwing a warning about deprecation of gtk_menu_popup() during compilation.
I will fix that.


David Cousens
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