[GNC-dev] Planned upgrade to "Income GST Statement" for 4.x series.

Christopher Lam christopher.lck at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 09:03:35 EDT 2019

For the 4.x series I plan to modify the GST/VAT report to fix a design

The current report requests combined business accounts for Sales/Purchases,
and the changed report will request sales and purchase accounts separately.
This change means any current Income-GST-Statement user will need to redo
the accounts selection. From my count there's only known user so far (me).

This is to fix a design flaw whereby the current 3.x report determines
whether an amount is a sales or purchase according to the account type
(income -> sales, expense -> purchases), and could not handle capital asset
purchases (eg. transfer from bank account to capital asset account).

The next gen report will request sales and purchase accounts separately.
This means any account type (not limited to income/expense - may also be
asset/liability eg capital asset/business loans) may be reported upon, and
VAT/GST components counted separately.

The upgraded report will also reports suitable for the Australian BAS and
UK VAT report via option. Both will allow CSV export, to be imported by a
suitable bridging software for possible online submission to tax
authorities. The UK-VAT component will handle sales/purchase/tax accounts
whose descriptions contain *ECGOODS* or *ECVAT* to handle EC rules.
Potentially other countries could add their rules as well, but maintenance
will be a burden.

Any objections please let me know. I'll update the docs and the FAQ when
the 4.x series is updated.

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