[GNC-dev] Reports Naming Problem

David T. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 12 12:23:53 EDT 2019

Sending this to -Dev because of the technical aspect of the problem...

Over the years, my Saved Reports list had gotten unruly, with various 
one-off reports littering the folder. In an effort to figure out which 
reports were still valid, I undertook to open every report and delete 
those that were no longer useful to me.

However, the process was long, so I needed some way to flag the reports 
that I *had* vetted, and I chose to add an asterisk ("*") to the end of 
the report title. This postfix tagging worked fine; the tagged reports 
showed up in the list of reports with their new names, and they all ran 
just fine.

Now, having completed the process, I no longer need to keep track of 
which reports have been checked, and I thought I might remove these 
tags. Unfortunately, renaming the report (either by removing the text, 
or by adding some other text in its place) doesn't work; the asterisk 
remains regardless.

I realize that I can go into the saved-reports-2.8 file and manually 
rename them all, but that seemingly defeats the purpose of a user 


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