[GNC-dev] Normalizing live data, a suggestion for discussion

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 2 13:09:00 EST 2019

On 02/02/2019 09:59, Colin Law wrote:
> Can all users save files as sqlite?  Does that need anything extra
> installed on the OS side that may not be there?  Also what about
> different builds of GC, do they all have sqlite?

I'm fairly sure all of the official builds can save SQLite.  If someone 
is rolling their own on a platform without the sqlite libraries then I 
think it would be unusual for them not to also have access to gnc on one 
of the production platforms, the whole idea being that the data should 
be easily transferable.

Even if someone didn't have SQLite my suggestion isn't taking something 
away from from them.  If someone can't save an SQLite file and run a 
script, the existing options are still there.


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