[GNC-dev] Normalizing live data, a suggestion for discussion

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 2 13:23:29 EST 2019

On 02/02/2019 15:40, David Carlson wrote:
> Wouldn't it be simpler to create a library of template files designed to
> exercise various features that a user could find one to illustrate his
> concern?

To some extent this is already done in the build process.  Life always 
throws up something unexpected.  Further, users are by definition lazy 
and want the devs to look at *their* data rather than being expected to 
trawl through a set of files containing data not relevant to their real 
life situation in the hope that one of them shows the fault that, by 
definition, shouldn't have existed in the first place.  See the circular 

> Thiswould bypass the need to figure out how to sanitize every possible user
> file.

Sanitizing isn't that hard and we don't actually need perfection, just 
sufficient so that people are confident that the devs aren't snooping on 

> If the user wants, he could still build his own example file as some users
> do now.

The problem is that some people build files that don't work for 
everyone; it does say "normalizing" in the Subject line, none of this is 
ever going to be compulsory.


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