[GNC-dev] Normalizing live data, a suggestion for discussion

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Sat Feb 2 21:01:54 EST 2019


As Geert pointed out whole of program testing is very difficult and rapidly
reaches a situation where complexity is equal to or greater than  the
program complexity and this is really what gave rise to unit testing where
you test individual components which do a specific function.

One area in which an example file  rather than a test file might be useful
is in developing  the documentation. The guide section on Accounts
Transaction following through to Personal Finances 
in escence constructs a simple file while doing the tutorial. Here though it
is  the process of constructing the data in the file that is useful. A
completed example file is not of great use. 

It is also likely that most problems which are likely to require this depth
of investigation are unlikely to show up in a test file unless you can
execute a series of entries in a scripted manner i.e. interact with the gui
from a script and this is not possible with GnuCash at the moment AFAIK. 
The problem is usually somewhere in the process of getting to the results in
the file and what is in the file is merely a symptom of the problem.


David Cousens
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