[GNC-dev] Deprecating ssh-dss keys on code

Derek Atkins derek at ihtfp.com
Sun Feb 3 20:47:29 EST 2019


As part of the upgrade to Fedora 29, OpenSSH disabled the ssh-dss key
type.  After a bunch of searching I was able to re-enable it, however it
looks like the key-type is going to be removed from OpenSSH in a future
release.  To that end, I encourage each commiter to refresh your SSH
public key on code to a more "modern" cryptosystem.

It is quite possible that you will need the help of Geert, John, or
myself to update the git config -- and even worse, while there used to
be an ssh command you could use to login and update your own ssh public
key, I believe that functionality was lost a few years ago with the LAST
update to code.


PS: A quick look at the set of developers with ssh-dss keys, and it
appears that I am the only active member that this applies to.  The set
of dss keys appear to be owned by: asayed, chris, dvherman, hampton,
jsled, linas, rolf, tomfray, wilddev, and myself.

PPS: It also looks like the "new user script" that I was using years ago
is no longer around...  Hmm..  Not sure what happened to it.
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