[GNC-dev] Dormant Bugzilla Accounts

David T. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 5 10:45:28 EST 2019

This message is probably directed to Derek…

In the course of editing the wiki on the subject of Bugzilla accounts, the question arose as to how many gnome.bugzilla.org <http://gnome.bugzilla.org/> accounts had been ported over to bugs.gnucash.org <http://bugs.gnucash.org/> and remained in dormant status—and if there are still many of these, have the powers that manage these issues made any kind of determination on how these accounts will be handled now, should the account holder seek access again? 

It would seem to me that after a certain period of time, any accounts that remained unaccessed should be considered unused, and the account disabled. The user would then have to register from start again as if they were new users. Others felt that it would be appropriate to continue the original model for several years. 

Can someone inform me what practice will be followed in this regard?

The manner in which this issue is handled will affect the language and content of the wiki with regards to the Bugzilla wiki page, and I want to be sure that whatever gets put there reflects the practice and goals of the developer base.


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