[GNC-dev] tb, gnc or me? my trial balance is wrong and I think it is gnc not me

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 9 02:00:24 EST 2019

Background: My gnc TB has been wrong for years.  This hasn't been a 
problem for me because I can do my own TB in sql and satisfy myself all 
is relatively well with my accounts.  Over the last week or so I decided 
to try again and I think the gnc TB report is b0rked.

Looking at the bug list, I'm not making a new observation, the gnc TB is 
not a feature of which to be proud but I think I can help.

The problems seem to be centered around two things:

1. using currency other than your home currency
2. related to that, using trading accounts

Guess what?  If it was that simple it would have been solved by now, right?

I have loads of tx in a number of currencies using trading accounts that 
don't make the gnc TB throw a wobbly but have identified the first that 
makes it go wrong.

So, let's look at a tx that does make it go wrong, maybe someone will 
help me to think, it is possible I've looked at this for too long and am 
missing something really obvious.

Liabilities:Loans:T:T ZAR Dr 7,963.46
Liabilities:Loans:T:T USD Cr 771.22

The numbers are real, I've changed the account names slightly, I've 
separated this particular tx as the first that makes the gnc TB go wrong 
and does actually balance by my understanding of accounting and mathematics.

The prices look right, the actual exchange rate is real, what is wrong?

Things to consider:

If the price to be used is the issue, is the gnc TB using the right 
price? My answer may be "yes, usually it does use the right price, I 
can't work out why it sometimes doesn't"

Does this raise an accounting honesty issue?

I think it does.

If you need to roll your own to get a TB from a transaction stream 
something isn't right.

Alternatively, please help me to see what is wrong with my tx.

have a joke: Trump wants to be the Dutch boy, first he needs a dyke, 
then he realises his fingers are tiny :)


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