[GNC-dev] tb, gnc or me? my trial balance is wrong and I think it is gnc not me

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 07:40:54 EST 2019

Lets all step back a second and consider what the report is supposed to
show before deciding whether it is always correct.

The report is supposed to cover all of the assets and liabilities that were
selected when configured only over time interval which was also selected
during the configuration. It is supposed to use a method of valuation for
accounts not in the base currency which is also selected during the report

Over the last several years there have been a number of discussions about
whether the various valuation methods work correctly, with respect to
report dates vs dates available in the data file  and even whether the
values should be displayed or calculated with exact i.e. fractional numbers
or in floating point.  All of that is in the infrastructure, not in the
actual report code.

I believe there were some code changes implemented over the life of the 2.6
code series, and there were more changes in the transition to 3.x.

I think the bottom line is that yes, different code releases will give
different results with some data even if the report configurations are
scrupulously checked to be identical.

Now, where do we want to go from here?

David Carlson

On Sun, Feb 10, 2019, 3:17 AM Geert Janssens <geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be

> Op zondag 10 februari 2019 09:56:51 CET schreef Adrien Monteleone:
> > I’m in agreement on that note. I understand why someone who doesn’t close
> > books would like a report that shows a current position. But the Trial
> > Balance report is really only useful for the close books crowd. It should
> > only reflect actual transactions in the various registers. In the case of
> > assets then, it shouldn’t be estimating based on any user choice of
> > average, nearest date or such, it should be taking actual purchase price
> > just like you would if you did it on paper.
> In Belgium you have the choice (or at least used to have - I haven't
> checked
> lately):
> We can/could report the balance using purchase values or using current
> values,
> with current values meaning current at the report date.
> Regards,
> Geert
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