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It does seem that the account balances in the header are now exactly as the
accountant suggests, except for cosmetic changes.

I'd still state that the current iteration of reconcile report, summarising
the recently reconciled transactions, and the effect they had on the
balances, required some hacking: I selected the recently reconciled txns
via (1) finding acc last-reconcile-date, transforming it to absolute time
00:01am, (2) finding every split whose reconcile-date is after it, or is
not yet reconciled. Immediately post reconciliation there shouldn't be any
cleared transactions because these would be marked reconciled.

Conceptually if the report was meant to be generated immediately before
reconciliation is finalised, ie before the account last-reconcile-date is
set, before the split reconciliation status changes from c to y, the exact
same report *can* be generated, and will be *much* simpler to code because
it uses the underlying status codes.

If the formal reconciliation tool were to link to the reconciliation
report, generating it immediately before finalisation, it would be a much
easier process, IMHO. But I'd defer this to the popular vote.

On Mon., 11 Feb. 2019, 04:10 Stephen M. Butler <kg7je at arrl.net wrote:

> Given the transactions shown in the Test2-Transactions.pdf (and the
> screenshot) the in-house accountant said she could "live" with the
> Test2-Reconcile.pdf report.
> However,
> 1.  Need to have the "as of" date when the report was ran.  She was
> concerned about the $100,000 that was "cleared" but not reconciled until
> I explained that the report was generated "today".  So, we need "today's
> date" .  She would like to pick that date back as far as the
> reconciliation date.
> 2.  Heavily berated for having a million dollar future expense without
> having the million dollars in the bank to cover it!  mea culpa!  I
> should have opened the bank with $1,150,000.00 and saved that 10 minute
> conversation.
> 3.  She had a hard time wrapping brain around two states of not
> reconciled transactions:  Cleared and Un-reconciled.  Thought they
> should be combined.
> 4.  She would really like the report reformatted more like a statement:
>        Reconciliation Report as of
> *10-Feb-2019*
>        Account:  _Assets:Bank_
>        Reconcile-Date: *
> 15-Jan-2019*
>        Beginning Bank Balance:
> *$150,000.00*
>        Reconciled Transactions:
>        Date        Num    Description        Debit    Credit
>         <<the reconcile list>>            _________   __________
>                     Reconciled Totals:        $0.00   $10,111.00  _*$
> -10,111.00*_
>         Ending Bank Balance:
> *$139,889.00*
>         Outstanding Transactions:
>         Date        Num    Description       Debit    Credit
>         <<cleared and unreconciled>>
>         << through the report date>>      _________  __________
>                     Outstanding Totals:       $0.00 $101,000.00
> _*$-101,000.00*_
>         Check Register Balance:                                  *$
> 38,889.00*
> 5.  She "could" live with the other report as is attached -- but doesn't
> want to.
> 6.  Contrary to me, she doesn't want to see transactions past the report
> date.    (Really bothered by that million dollar airplane.)
> 7.  She would like to pick the report date so she could generate the
> reconciliation report as if it were 15-Jan-2019 and the report would
> ignore anything after that date (even on the outstanding).  Thus the
> only outstanding would be those transactions up through the report date
> that were not reconciled.
> 8.  She really could not care less if the split has been "cleared" as it
> is still "not yet reconciled".
> Told her I would raise the idea but was not sure it would fly.
> {I'm still hearing that I should have funded that million dollars back
> in December}
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