[GNC-dev] Further feedback

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 10 22:30:15 EST 2019

On 09/02/2019 03:46, John Ralls wrote:
>> On Feb 8, 2019, at 5:52 PM, Christopher Lam <christopher.lck at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 9/2/19 7:49 am, Stephen M. Butler wrote:
>>> On 2/8/19 5:12 AM, Christopher Lam wrote:
>>>> I've been experimenting and I think there's a logic error in your
>>>> thinking -- *during* reconciliation, until it's complete, all
>>>> 'reconciled' transactions are labelled 'cleared'. Reconciled
>>>> transactions are, so to speak, gone and don't need to be shown on a
>>>> reconciliation report.
>>> The reconciliation report should run just after reconciliation has
>>> finished.  Therefore, the just reconciled items will be marked as
>>> reconciled.
>> I do agree in principle... however the internal logic of GnuCash dictates that there is no such thing as "just reconciled items".
>> Consider a very busy bank account needing regular reconciliation... on 15-january you try reconcile but you've written and recorded a check for $53.50 on 20-december which is still not cleared. This $53.50 will remain unreconciled ("outstanding") causing a discrepancy of $53.50 between your 15-January bank statement, and your book. You reconcile, skipping the $53.50 amount, and all's well.
>> On 15-february the bank statement arrives, and the $53.50 check has cleared on 19-january. The $53.50 status changes from (n)unreconciled to (c)cleared. Additionally all intermediate transactions are cleared. Your 15-february bank statement now matches your books.
>> According to my suggestions above logic the $53.50 will be counted in the 'cleared' header, and be present in the reconciliation report. You will afterwards then complete the reconciliation, which converts all 'c'leared to 'y'reconciled.
>> If we were to follow your logic, and if we run the reconciliation report on 15-february, and if we *aim* to look for the 'just-reconciled' items, we will definitely miss the $53.50 transaction dated 20-December because it's now reconciled/"archived". Remember the transactions do *NOT* have a 'reconciliation date' so we cannot look for them using a simple query. Only accounts have a last-reconciliation-date. We will *not* find them by querying 'reconciliation-date minus 1 day'.
>> Logically you're not wrong but GnuCash internal logic will dictate the above process must be followed.
> Transactions don't have a reconciled date but splits do because it's splits that are reconciled.
> xaccSplitGetReconcile gets the flag (n/c/y), xaccSplitGetDateReconciled gets the date it happened.

a far as I can tell Christopher Lam (who I like) and Stephen M. Butler 
(who I don't like) have been involved in an extended masturbatory 
exercise and neither of them reached orgasm.


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