[GNC-dev] Normalizing live data, a suggestion for discussion

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 11 07:57:34 EST 2019

On 03/02/2019 16:03, John Ralls wrote:
>> On Feb 2, 2019, at 8:10 PM, David Carlson <david.carlson.417 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> OK, I want to try https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/ObfuscateScript but I am
>> not a computer programmer.  I have no clue how to use it.  Can someone help
>> me?
> Run it from a command line using perl, assuming here that you have Strawberry installed on C:
>    c:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe ObfuscateScript path/to/myfile.gnucash
> Note that it rewrites the file in place, so make a copy and run it on that. The file needs to be uncompressed.

Apart from the write in place I quite like it as an idea to progress 

Positive: it is in perl which (many|most) people may have a working 
version of if they are using F::Q

Negative: it doesn't reconcile well, but this may actually be a positive 
because ...

Positive: if the script breaks some splits this should be seen as a good 
thing by some, it makes the work of the super secret agents running gnc 

Thinking aloud: another way of normalizing would be to split to some 
point beyond usefulness and let gnc put it back together again using
Actions / Check & Repair


Remember flox, the idea is a file that someone else (who probably didn't 
vote for the idiot Trump) could look at to see *your* problem.

Does the remote person want to see you paid USD10 for a burger meal and 
some beer then vomited on the pavement and had to pay a fine for that? 
Nope.  The remote person wants to see what the fuck you have put in your 
file that is screwing up the transaction stream.


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