[GNC-dev] book currency is what ... question mark

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 11 21:49:56 EST 2019

at the risk of appearing to be an imperialist, what is "book currency" ?

I think of "home currency" as whatever currency most people close to you 
(the reader) use to buy and sell ordinary stuff like carbohydrate 
staples (rice, bread, etc) and water

in the UK that is GBP, in the USA it is USD, in most of Europe it is 
EUR, in other places, depending on government, it might be something else.

my point is, unless your government is failing, you should be able to 
use the same currency for your home currency and your bookkeeping.

presuming I haven't gone insane yet, does anyone know what a "book 
currency" is?

If someone really wanted to run a set of accounts in another currency 
gnc isn't stopping them, the underlying transaction stream works 
perfectly regardless.

Curious minds, etc.

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