[GNC-dev] ECB Daily Average Quotes

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Mon Feb 18 16:15:23 EST 2019

> On Feb 18, 2019, at 7:34 AM, Frank H. Ellenberger <frank.h.ellenberger at gmail.com> wrote:
> Am 18.02.19 um 16:01 schrieb John Ralls:
>>> On Feb 17, 2019, at 11:50 AM, Christian Kluge <frakturfreak at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> It might be your so called valuation exercise, but it annoys me very
>>> much that Finance::Quote doesn’t fetch the daily average quotes from the
>>> ECB yet.
>> Are they published on a website somewhere in a way that a computer can digest them? Screen-scraping is OK, several of the F::Q modules do that, it's just fragile.
> Yes
> https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/policy_and_exchange_rates/euro_reference_exchange_rates/html/index.en.html
> offers also several download formats

Including an XML one, so it would be possible to write an F::Q module that retrieves the current day's XML file and extracts a currency rate.

There's also a CSV download, but it would take some massaging to make it usable to be imported with the price csv importer.

John Ralls

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