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Is it the same in this string? That is it refers to conditions?

Term "%s" is in use. You cannot delete it.

Also bill and billing both appear in the strings. Any distinction that one 
must notice? What is the practical difference between bill and invoice? The 
following string combines many of these seemingly similar words:

Display the invoice billing terms?


On سه‌شنبه ۱۹ فوریهٔ ۲۰۱۹ ۱۰:۳۴:۵۵ (+0330) David Cousens wrote:
> Hamid,
> Billing terms are the terms under which a vendor extends credit to a
> customer They can be quite variable. A vendor could require payment within 7
> days for example. Often where a regular customer has an account it can be a
> 30day period. It may also include additional conditions such as interest on
> the amount owing if not paid by the due date.
> These are often expressed in a shorthand form in English language invoices.
> The following website https://due.com/blog/10-invoicing-terms-need-know/
> lists some common forms.
> In most countries they are likely to be defined in the laws governing
> contracts or by commercial practice
> David Cousens
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