[GNC-dev] Building 3.4 on Mint 18.3

Jacob Larsen jacob at larsen.net
Sat Feb 23 17:41:12 EST 2019


Not sure if this is a dev or user question, but I suspect the people who 
can answer are devs.

I am trying to get 3.4 to run on Mint 18.3 (Ubuntu 16.04 base). I have 
gotten it to build, but the summary bar on the accounts tab is screwed 
up. If I click it, it looks somewhat fine, but if I close it, it is 
about three times as high as it should be, and there are no numbers on 
it. Also, all the fields seem to clutter together on the left side.

Not much of an issue, but it might be relevant. It seems like the font 
used for transactions in the ledger has slightly bigger spacing around 
the text compared to my previous version (2.6)

I'm guessing this is probably a dependency thing, but can somebody help 
narrow down which one? Which lib is used for this summary bar.


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