[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3 on Linux

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Tue Feb 26 06:30:01 EST 2019

Op dinsdag 26 februari 2019 09:28:41 CET schreef David Cousens:
> Wm and other interested parties
> To help alleviate the confusion over where user configuration information is
> located in V3.x cf v 2.6.x I have started adding some diagrams to
> illustrate the changes in locations that occurred which are hopefully a bit
> easier to understand than all that text.
> Currently I only have a Linux page up and running but I can build the others
> easily witha little cut and paste.
> David Cousens


Thanks for this work. The diagrams are much easier to get an overview quickly.

It also is not completely accurate in what is marked as "environment 
variables" (in green). Not all of these symbolic names are actually variables 
that influence gnucash/gtk in any way. I only used these symbolic names to 
create a logical structure.

Of the ones you have marked as environment variables DOT_GNUCASH_DIR (for 
gnucash 2.6 and older), GNC_DATA_HOME (for gnucash 3.x and (as of gnucash 3.4) 
GNC_CONFIG_HOME will indeed be honored by gnucash.

But USER_DATA_HOME and USER_CONFIG_HOME are not interepreted in any way. And 
as far as I know GTK_DATA_HOME and GTK_CONFIG_HOME aren't either. On linux and 
MacOS you can manipulate the locations GTK uses by setting XDG_DATA_HOME and 
XDG_CONFIG_HOME. Gtk will access XDG_DATA_HOME/gtk-<version> and 
XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gtk-<version> respectively. 

XDG_DATA_HOME and XDG_CONFIG_HOME also affect gnucash in the same way though 
GNC_DATA_HOME and GNC_CONFIG_HOME take precedence if set.

HOME is indeed an environment variable, though I'd avoid changing this as it 
has a broad impact.



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