[GNC-dev] [GNC] UK VAT and "Making Tax Digital"

Maf. King maf at chilwell.net
Wed Jun 12 07:07:56 EDT 2019

Hi Christopher,

thanks for the gentle prod.  I've been very busy for the last couple of weeks, 
and I apologise for not getting back to you sooner.

so far, the VAT report seems to work for me, I haven't spotted any glaring 
problems, although I appreciate the limitations on the account selections that 
you mention, and I haven't explored deeply with anything other than my normal 

it seems that MTD hasn't gone away (unfortunately) and would be a shame to 
miss the release bundle, although I accept that this is still code which is 
beta-ish in nature, and I don't know the GC policy on including code which may 
still need some polish in a finished release.  However, I would also counter 
that the first real complete test of the workflow has to wait for July and the 
first return being prepared.

best regards,

On Sunday, 9 June 2019 15:53:26 BST Christopher Lam wrote:
> Any final views on enabling CSV export of subtotals and VAT report? 3.6
> will be in preparation soon...
> The VAT report is rather UK-specific regarding EC sales and I don't know
> rules for other EC countries. It'll be a shame to limit it to UK only,
> which means any other EC VAT report will need to duplicate and amend the
> report.
> And while the selection of Sales/Purchases/VAT accounts is IMHO
> satisfactory, the tagging of EC accounts via account-description is rather
> hackish, but possibly the easiest one available so far, unless we reuse the
> Tax-Info dialog.
> Unless the above questions are not finalised I wouldn't think it's
> appropriate to merge VAT-report.

Maf. King
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