[GNC-dev] CSV Import Format

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Fri Mar 1 05:44:06 EST 2019


The new version of the CSV importer is not documented very well yet.  The
multiline capability is problematical, definitely where transactions with
accounts in two or more currencies are involved. It basically doesn't work
at the moment. I'm exploring that and mid writing a report to guide bug
fixing at the moment. 

I havent checked out multiline import for transactions where the splits are
to accounts in the same currency yet. That's my next job.

If your data is all imported to a single account, set the account to be
imported to in the dialog, rather than each CSV record you basically only
need a date , a description, the transfer account, the amount (and set
whether it is a deposit or withdrawal) and the single line mode works OK. I
import my Paypal account data with this sort of setup with minimal problems.
If the account specified in the record is the account to be imported to I
have not yet tested out setting a transfer account in a single line record.
You can always not set it and rely on the matcher to assign accounts but it
will require training. I.e. hint you need to import small batches of data

One trap is the locale setting doesn't necessarily set up the date format
correctly so it pays to select that explicitly in the date format field.  If
the import data has column headers set the skip to 1.

David Cousens 

David Cousens
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