[GNC-dev] Transactions vs Splits

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 6 04:51:16 EST 2019

Hi Alen,

>I see that, with Multi-split checked, I can no longer select the Transfer 
>Account destination field. This is a dead end for my current approach,
>Transfer Account. 

With a multisplit multiline record there should be no need. GnuCash should
interpret the following lines as transfer accounts

I suspect the mismatches you get are a problem with GnuCash not interpreting
the multiline splits correctly. It is why I am doing a structured testing of
the import capability.

>At the last screen, I now get all mismatches as the destination account is 
>missing and I'm prompted to select one. This makes no sense as I could have 
>simply selected that at the first screen and save my matcher schema. 
>Should I raise this as a bug or am I misunderstanding how this is supposed 
>to work? 

The account selection in the first window is AFAIK intended to select an
account for all transactions to be imported into. It is intended I think for
the case where the records to be imported do not specify the account they
are being imported to. Where the transaction has only 2 splits and both
accounts which are the targets of the splits are specified then the single
line format with both the account and transfer account are specified  is
appropriate as you have done.  You could equally treat "Cash" as the
transfer account and "Food:Dining out" as the account being impoorted to if
you swapped the deposit and withdrawal columns as well.  The mismatches seem
to indicate that GnuCash is not recognizing the account in the second line
as the transfer account which it should. You can raise it as a bug if you
wish.  I will be testing all the import settings fairly methodically in in
the next few days so if you don't I will in any case. If you have already I
can just add the results of my testing as a comment. 

The notation transfer account is not one as an accountant that I really
like. It only makes sense when transferring funds between two  asset (or
liability accounts) but many software developers and users have adopted it
so it is now part of the language. My view of a transaction is that it
consist of two or more splits each of which has a target account which is
debited or credited by that split.

Where the multiline capability comes into its own is in dealing with
transactions with 3 or more splits and it really only needs to be used in
this case.


David Cousens
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