[GNC-dev] Transactions vs Splits

cicko alen.siljak at gmx.com
Wed Mar 6 06:47:41 EST 2019

cicko wrote
> If this works as expected, then multi-currency transfers should not be an
> issue at all. Each split would specify the amount so no need for GnuCash
> to
> fiddle with prices. 

This works great for single-currency transactions. Everything fits, as
specified in CSV records.

There are issues, as hinted by David, with multi-currency transfers. This
makes no sense to me at the moment.
During the import, one of my transfers was matched but the other not. This
may be due to the fact that I have matched the first one during an earlier
import attempt.

Here is the sample CSV content:

26,2015-09-12,"Biss Tours",,33.25,"cash, EUR",
26,2015-09-12,"Biss Tours",12,,"Vacation:Travel",
26,2015-09-12,"Biss Tours",21.25,,"Vacation",
33,2015-09-13,"Billa",,15.26,"cash, EUR",
110,2019-03-06,,,10,"cash, EUR",
110,2019-03-06,,19.5925,,"cash, BAM",
111,2019-03-06,,,15,"HSBC savings",
111,2019-03-06,,9.8788,,"cash, EUR",

If the multi-currency transfers were imported as specified, that would be
perfect. What happens instead is this:

The Cash EUR, €10 -> Cash BAM, KM19.59 transfer imports both splits (10 and
19.59) but adds additional records so that the end-result of the transfer
turns out to be 10:10.

The HSBC, $15 -> Cash Eur, €9.88, does something similar, adding "only"
€0.97 to the destination account.

I'm not sure why these happen and would appreciate some feedback before
reporting it as a bug. 

My suggestion, as written above, would be simply to leave the multi-currency
transfers as-is. There is really no way to tell if they match due to the
Price element. 
However, if the price is taken into account, then perhaps the Price field
may have some role there?

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