[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3 on Linux

Derek Atkins derek at ihtfp.com
Fri Mar 8 09:49:23 EST 2019

Adrien Monteleone <adrien.monteleone at lusfiber.net> writes:

> Separating preferences for reports is, I suspect, more useful to a
> multi-user environment, which GnuCash does not support, but can be
> useful for a single user who keeps books for multiple entities that
> are all in the same jurisdiction and might well even use the same
> CPA. (and certainly have to file the same tax forms) They might even
> all follow a July-June fiscal year, for example.

The whole options subsystem needs to be re-evaluated.  I feel there are
multiple categories:

* Per-User
* Per-User Per-Book
* Per-Book

This includes things like the display features that you mentioned (which
I snipped off).  You're right, I feel that the column settings, and even
whether to display placeholder and/or zero-balance accounts is probably
a Per-User setting.

I think it would behoove us to go through every option, every
preference, and every report option and decide which bucket they belong
to.  Indeed, many of the report options may need to be split into
different categories, but I'm not exactly sure how to do that properly.

I'm not convinced it's all about multi-user -- although part of it is.
And for the record, GnuCash DOES support multiple sequential users.  It
just does not support multiple simultaneous users.

> I started a project to map out report preferences as part of a revamp
> of the tab content and I didn’t finish it. Perhaps completing that
> project will offer more insight. (and very likely allow me to discover
> that the present situation is optimal)

I think this would still be a useful project, to map out all the various
preferences and settings throughout the application.

> Regards,
> Adrien

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