[GNC-dev] Transactions vs Splits

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 9 18:24:53 EST 2019

On 05/03/2019 12:57, David Cousens wrote:

> I will get to testing the import of these transactions either tomorrow
> morning or Thursday. I don't know yet whether it is possible to import them
> in the multiline format with 2 or more splits yet.

Yes, it is possible but you have to be very careful when creating the 

> i am working slowly and
> documenting everything i do so the developers have enough data to start
> identifying where the problems are. 

I am impressed at your attention to detail, D

I think the problem is that once you've worked everything through in 
your beautifully crafted way you're going to reach the same conclusion 
as me.

At that point you should make a mug of tea, swig a beer or whatever is 
appropriate and conclude, the gnc people haven't got it right yet.

> Once I understand it I will update the
> wiki and then get the Help/Guide docs up to date for the next release.  I
> suspect the bug fixes might not make it until the next release comes out

OK, the documentation theory works in two ways: the document can say 
what happens or the document can say what might happen.

We are free software so we can't do the latter, doing the former doesn't 
make sense either as it hasn't been done yet and may never be done.

What do you put in the wiki, Mr David?

> If you are only exporting and importing transactions with 2 splits you
> should be able to get it to work.

I can make it work with many splits but not many currencies or commodities

> I would create a dummy transaction first
> and export it, delete it in the book and then reimport it. 

NAUGHTY BOY!  you *know* gnc can't do the round trip of export and 
import.  It doesn't understand itself.

> There is an
> identified bug in the Export Transactions to CSV where transactions cannot
> be exported on the date they are created so it is better to use Export
> Transactions from Active Window to export a dummy transaction. Bob Fewel is
> already working on a fix for this.

buglist ref please

> I normally setup a test datafile to work with while exploring this rather
> than use a real datafile so that other transactions don't complicate life.

If the test file I looked at earlier is an example, it is near perfect, 
I can see your thinking, actually, more importantly, I think other 
people can see your thinking.  I'm not the important person because I'm 
looking at another problem that you may not have thought about yet.  I 
do question documenting in such detail a problem that might change or 
not be there in a month or so, D.

I'm more interested in structural stuff at the moment.


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